The premiere of the Polish translation of the “Red Book” by C. G. Jung

The long-awaited Polish version of C. G. Jung’s “Red Book”, translated by Jerzy Prokopiuk and Jerzy Korpanty was premiered on December 6th this year in “Teatr STU” in Kraków. The meeting was attended by representatives of the publishing house “Vis a Vis Etiuda”, book translators and the management of the theatre, as well as a representative of our Association, Mirosław Giza. It was emphasised that the theatre was not accidentally chosen as the premiere place, because Jung’s concept is also very inspiring for this environment. The discussion also discussed the use of Jung’s method for psychotherapeutic treatment and the possibilities offered by the study and exploration of this unique book. In recognition of our presence at this meeting, our Association received this book with the personal dedication of its co-translator Jerzy Korpanty.

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