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LAST: Wacław Niżyński – ostatni taniec i rozpadający się europejski porządek

Theatre creators are often interested in the thought of Carl Jung because it includes the issues of creativity, inner life, the role of dreams, archetypes and symbols explored by artists and the process of collective unconsciousness. In Poland, Jungian psychology was of great interest for, among others, the exceptional theatre director Jerzy Grotowski. In December, […]

Meeting with the IAAP

On December 14, 2019, at the headquarters of our Association in the Old Town of Warsaw, the first official meeting between the AJAP and the representatives of IAAP – the International Association of Analytical Psychology took place since we were granted the status of a member group in this organisation at the World Jung Congress […]

To Olga Tokarczuk

Mrs Olga, We are happy for your success, and we would like to add our compliments to those you’re receiving from all around the world. We are very pleased that your creativity was not only noticed but also highly appreciated and awarded. Congratulations to you! At the same time, we would like to express our […]

AJAP/SAJ in Vienna as an IAAP Group Member!!!

n August 28, 2019, at the 21st International Congress of the IAAP in Vienna, the Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland, as the first Polish organisation, received the status of an IAAP Member Group. This historic moment crowns twenty-year cooperation between Polish candidates and later Jungian analysts with representatives of IAAP, opening the way to […]