LAST: Wacław Niżyński – ostatni taniec i rozpadający się europejski porządek

Borys Jaźnicki LAST, mat. prasowe

In December, the New Art Association (Stowarzyszenie Sztuka Nowa) started a cooperation with a member of our Association, Jungian analyst Bartosz Samitowski, who led a depth psychology workshop for the team preparing the performance “LAST: Wacław Niżyński – the last dance and the decaying European order” (dir. Dawid Żakowski). The workshops, using Jungian psychology methods, aimed to deepen artists’ contact with the symbolic and creative aspect of the unconscious mind and to introduce new inspiration to the creative process. After the workshops and the premiere of the performance, the decision was made to establish permanent cooperation.

LAST is an international interdisciplinary project, performative and choreographic exhibition implemented by an international group of artists combining various fields of art. Dancers, choreographers, performers, composers and video artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ecuador will create together a complex and multi-level portrait of the most famous dancer of all time.

Meeting with the IAAP

On December 14, 2019, at the headquarters of our Association in the Old Town of Warsaw, the first official meeting between the AJAP and the representatives of IAAP – the International Association of Analytical Psychology took place since we were granted the status of a member group in this organisation at the World Jung Congress in Vienna (August 2019). On behalf of IAAP: president-elect Misser Berg from Denmark and former president Marianne Mueller from Switzerland came to visit. The meeting concerned the present and future development of Jungian psychology in Poland.

AJAP/SAJ in Vienna as an IAAP Group Member!!!

n August 28, 2019, at the 21st International Congress of the IAAP in Vienna, the Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland, as the first Polish organisation, received the status of an IAAP Member Group. This historic moment crowns twenty-year cooperation between Polish candidates and later Jungian analysts with representatives of IAAP, opening the way to the establishment of the first independent Jungian institute in Poland.